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Price Structures


Program costs can range from from no additional program charges (aside from our Application, Health & Safety Fee - $185), to a premium program surcharge that is added to a student's bill. The details below will help you better understand the cost structures for our scheduled programs.
NOTE: Students and parents are strongly encouraged to consult with GOCI staff and their respective Student Financial Services Counselor to determine any potential additional costs. A cost estimator form is required as part of all applications associated with an affiliated partner program. The cost estimator form will assist in helping to determine the potential additional costs for a particular program. All programs are calculated without including the cost of a flight, passport, and visa (if needed). Enrollment in a GOCI program of study away/abroad that is approved for credit by Guilford College may be considered as enrollment in Guilford College for purposes of applying for federal student financial aid.
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Semester Global Experiences:

Home School Tuition
These programs are billed as on-campus, full-time tuition, fees, standard room (double room), and standard board plan (Quaker-19 plan), for a semester at Guilford. Commuter students will see their bills change to reflect the aforementioned fees. 

Charges for flights organized through the GOCI office are added to the student's bill. Passports, visas, and personal spending money are not included.

Guilford faculty-led semester programs (Munich and Brunnenburg), and our exchange programs (University of Cape Coast, Kansai Gaidai University, and International Christian University) fall into this category.

Additionally, affiliated programs whose invoices to Guilford College are at or below $11,500 do not incur additional program fees for tuition, fees, room, and board.
Slightly Above Home School Tuition
These programs cost up to $2,500 (but usually much less) in addition to what a student pays for a semester's tuition, room, and board at Guilford, plus a plane ticket, visa, and personal spending money. These are always partner programs whose posted cost is at or below $14,000.
Premium Cost
These are programs with unique opportunities that cost up to an additional $11,000 (but usually much less) in addition to what a student pays for a semester's tuition, room, and board at Guilford, plus a plane ticket, visa, and personal spending money. These are always partner programs whose posted cost is at or below $22,500. 

Why do some of these programs cost so much? It depends. Sometimes it can be the exchange rate difference, an increased cost of living in the specific city, and/or the design of the program that includes frequent excursions, internship placements, etc.

Short-Term Global Experiences:
Three-Week Intensive Experiences
Experiences in the Spring Semester Three-week intensive periods are classified under a different pricing structure than the 14-week semester programs. Many experiences that are international in context during the three-week period incur no additional program costs other than a student's regular semester tuition, fees, room and board charges. All experiences within the thee-week periods include flights, accommodations, all in-country transportation, and a stipend for meals while in-country.
Depending on the length of the program, and the location(s) in which the program is taking place, there may be a fee associated with registering for a course, typically between (but not limited to) $100 and $2,500. If there is a course fee associated with the program, an estimated fee can be found either by consulting the GOCI office or the program application page. 

Students that live off-campus and/or do not have a meal plan will incur an additional fee for these charges. Such fees are determined by each program and are incurred for the number of days while on the program. For more information about the off-campus fee for any program, please reach out to the GOCI office.

Summer & Autumn/Spring Break Experiences
Faculty-led and Affiliate programs that operate in the summer & break periods vary in cost and length depending on the program. These programs are considered to be out-of-term; therefore, regular semester tuition, fees, room and board do not apply to the cost of these experiences. Each program is designed with an affordable budget and students are billed accordingly. For more information on specific program costs, please reach out to the GOCI office or refer to the online application page for further details about any program(s).