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Student Resources


The Guilford College Study Abroad Office is committed to helping all Guilford students engage in international study experiences regardless of ability, age, gender identity, economic status, race, and religion. We recognize there is a diverse range of student needs and take an active approach towards working with you to make your international study goals a reality. Please consult the following student resources as you consider and prepare for your experience abroad. Also, never hesitate to contact the Study Abroad Office staff with questions and concerns (Contact Info). 

LGBTQ+ Students
Information and resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer students considering studying abroad.

Women Abroad
Information and resource for students who identify as women considering studying abroad.

Racial & Ethnic Minority Students
Information and resources for under-represented students of color considering studying abroad.

Students with Disabilities
Information about access abroad and general resources for students with disabilities considering studying abroad.

Adult & Student Parents
Information and resources for student parents considering studying abroad.

International Students
Information and resources for international students considering studying abroad.

Faith, Spirituality, and Religion Abroad
Information and resources for religious students considering studying abroad.

First Generation Students
Information and resources for first generation students considering studying abroad.

Heritage Seeking Students

Information and resources for heritage seeking students considering studying abroad

Things to Know Before Traveling Abroad
Information and resources to help students understand and avoid problematic behavior abroad.